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Columbia College Chicago


I want to attend Columbia as a music student. What should I do?

Contact the Columbia College Admissions Office first at 312-369-7129 or online at www.colum.edu/admissions. Then contact the Music Department at music@colum.edu and let us know you've started the application process. We will send you information on how to prepare for your audition for the Music Department. Also see the Helpful Links page on the Music web site. You'll be on your way!

Do I need to audition to be a Music major?
All new Music students are strongly encouraged to audition. It is an opportunity for us to get to know you as a new member of the Music Department. It is also a requirement for the Music Department Scholarship application process. Music Department Scholarships are awarded each semester, and every eligible student should apply for an award. See the Scholarship page on the Music web site.

How do I apply for a Music Department Scholarship?
Contact music@colum.edu, call 312-369-6149, or visit  www.colum.edu/scholarships

What scholarships does Columbia offer?
In addition to the Music Department Scholarship, which is for full-time music majors only, Columbia College Chicago offers a number of general scholarship opportunities to its students. For a listing of available scholarships, visit www.colum.edu/scholarships

I can't find the courses I want in the Music course listings.
Courses of interest to Music students sometimes cross disciplines. For example, classes in recording are found in the course listing for the Audio Arts and Acoustics Department and music business classes are in the course listing for Arts, Entertainment and Media Management (AEMM). As a Music student, you can take courses that interest you in other departments as electives. You should speak with a college advisor and a music faculty advisor before you register.

Can I major in Music and Music Business (or Audio Arts or Dance)?
The degree programs at Columbia College Chicago are rigorous. Attending classes and keeping up with assignments are a full-time occupation. Also, being a "double-major" generally adds a year or a year-and-a-half to the completion of your degree(s).

What's an interdisciplinary major?
Interdisciplinary majors are custom-designed programs created to serve a student's interest that is not covered by the college's existing degree programs. If you are interested in an interdisciplinary major involving music and another discipline of study, you need to contact the College Advising Center once you are on campus. Interdisciplinary majors may be declared only after a student has matriculated into the college and completed at least one semester of coursework.

Can I just take private lessons?
Yes, but only with the permission of the Program Coordinator for that discipline (vocal performance, instrumental performance, composition) or a private lesson instructor. You may have to audition, take a theory and/or keyboard placement exam, or a concurrent theory course to qualify.

How do I get into a Music Ensemble?

Placement auditions for Music Department Ensembles are held during the first class session of the first week of each semester. Ensemble audition times are posted in the Music Center and on the Ensembles page of the Music web site. Students auditioning for ensembles will be authorized to register for the ensemble course after they've passed the audition.

Can I audition for a Music Ensemble if I'm not a Music major?

Yes, you can. Check the schedule of audition times posted in the Music Center and on the Ensembles page of the Music web site.

Can I just take a few Music courses if I'm not interested in getting a degree?
Some Music courses are in the category of "general education" classes, which are open to all students. You can take random Music courses as a student-at-large, but you must be cleared to register by a Music faculty advisor, and may have to take theory and keyboard placement exams. All course prerequisites apply. Contact the Admissions Office for further details on student-at-large status.