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Columbia College Chicago
Steve Hadley

Steve Hadley

Steve Hadley

Technical Director

Email: shadley@colum.edu

Stephen Hadley graduated from Columbia College Chicago Music Department in 1993 with a Concentration in Music Composition. He spent the next five years at Libman Music in Chicago composing jingles for companies including Kellogg’s, Windex, American Airlines and Disney. Then he set up his own company, Spot Music, also composing jingles.  Spot’s credits include Aleve, MasterCard, Pacific Bell, and Budweiser.

In 2001, Hadley accepted the job of Audio Visual Coordinator at Columbia’s Music Department, and was promoted to Technical Director in 2005. He now serves on the planning and technology committees and oversees 400 plus events a year at the Music Center, classroom technology, the equipment cage operations and the capital budget for the Music Center.

Additionally, Hadley has composed and produced several pieces of music and videos for the Music Center and Columbia College’s Open House, Commencement and other events. In 2009 he composed I Wonder What I Could Be to support MAP Grant funding in response to an e-mail from Columbia’s president asking everyone to contact their congressmen.  Two hundred million dollars was put back into the fund 24 hours after the video’s release.

In the summer of 2009, Hadley conceptualized a smartdesk for the Music Center. Steve and his crew, all Columbia alumni, created a desk that offers a complete audio solution for ensemble and rehearsal needs. They support all mobile technologies and have live tech support.

Since 2004, Hadley has served as Associate Producer for the music portion of Columbia College's campus-wide Open House and Commencement. In 2012, he produced The Great Convergence for Columbia's annual end-of-the-year extravaganza performance, Manifest. Hadley now also produces entertainment for Columbia's annual Gala fundraiser at the Media Production Center.