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Recital Attendance

Recital Attendance

All undergraduate music majors and private lessons students register for course

5 recitals per semester, plus 3 mandatory convocations for music majors

Scan your I.D. for credit

As an undergraduate music major, you must register for the course Recital Attendance, 32-1000, section 01, every semester of your enrollment at Columbia College. If you are not a music major but are enrolled in private lessons, you must register for the course (section 02) every semester you take lessons. To fulfill course requirements, you will have to attend at least five concerts or recitals each semester. Music majors must also attend three convocations. If you meet the requirements, you will receive the grade of “P”; if not, you will get an “F.”

Majors from other departments who are enrolled in music courses other than private lessons (e.g. Musical Theater Performance majors) may be required by their instructor(s) to attend five performances per semester, also. They do not have to enroll in the course Recital Attendance (unless they wish), but must follow the same procedures as music majors to receive proper credit for attendance.

To ensure that you receive credit for attendance, present your school I.D. to the attendant at a computer kiosk in the Concert Hall lobby. The attendant will then scan your I.D. If your presence at the concert is not recorded electronically, you will not receive credit for your attendance. Copies of programs are not accepted as verification of your attendance, except in the case of offsite performances (see below).

Besides Concert Hall recitals, qualifying performances also include offsite concerts by Music Department faculty. Ask the faculty member whose performance you attend to sign a copy of the concert program or, if no program exists, to write a note confirming your presence at the event. Then, to receive credit for the performance, take your I.D., along with the signed program or note, to the recital attendance supervisor (the listed instructor), who will record your attendance electronically.

Eligible events for you, however, do not include performances in which you participate.