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BA Music: Contemporary Urban & Popular Music
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BA Music: Contemporary Urban & Popular Music

The B.A. in Music with a concentration in Contemporary, Urban and Popular music is a liberal arts degree with a practical emphasis on fundamental skills as applied to popular music performance, songwriting, recording, and arranging. The program offers a strong foundation in instrumental and/or vocal technique, popular music history, theory, music creation, arranging, and performance. The curriculum includes performances with ensembles offering a wide variety of popular music styles and genres, including classic and contemporary rock, R&B, Latin styles/genres, and singer/songwriter-based repertoire. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Music requires the completion of 33 credit hours of core courses in the music department, 12 credit hours of specialized course work, 33 credit hours of electives and 42 credit hours of liberal arts and sciences classes, totaling 120 credit hours for the degree.

BA Music with a Concentration in Contemporary Urban and Popular Music: Degree Requirements