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Advising FAQs

Advising FAQs

I want to attend Columbia as a Photography student. What should I do?

Contact the Columbia College Admissions Office first at 312-369-7129 or online at www.colum.edu/admissions. You can also contact the Photography Department Academic Coordinator, Jenn Jones for more information. 
Do I need to have a portfolio for admission?

We do not require portfolio reviews for admission to the Photography major.  If you have previous coursework that pertains to the Major, please see information for Portfolio Review.

How do I apply for a Photography Department Scholarship?

Please visit www.colum.edu/scholarships for information on all Scholarships available. 

I’m a Transfer Student, what do I need to know?

The Photography Department works with students individually to transfer in as many previous courses as possible, while also making sure that the student is placed at the correct level in the program.

Any photography course where a student shoots and develops photographs or works digitally with photographs requires a portfolio review and/or exam before the course can be transferred. (Please see Portfolio Review Requirements) These portfolio reviews and exams are not meant to judge a student or their work, but to ensure that they experienced the same level of instruction that we offer at Columbia.

If a course is not accepted as equivalent to a course at Columbia, the transfer course will count as a College-Wide Elective (CWE). Occasionally courses can count as Photography Electives, especially for BFA students. Once you begin your coursework at Columbia you may schedule an appointment with the Academic Coordinator in Photography, Jenn Jones, to review any transfer courses.

Can I double-major?

In some cases, you will be able to double-major. The degree programs at Columbia College Chicago are rigorous. Attending classes and keeping up with assignments are a full-time occupation. Also, being a "double-major" generally adds a year or a year-and-a-half to the completion of your degree(s). Speak with your College Advisor or Faculty Advisor if you are thinking about a double-major. 

What is the difference between my Faculty Advisor and College Advisor?

You are required to see your College Advisor in your first year, located in the College Advising Center. Your College Advisor will assist you with navigating the college, choosing and verifying your major, building your schedule, and understanding your graduation requirements. You are required to see your Faculty Advisor in your second year, located in your major’s Academic Department. Faculty Advisors will help you understand your major requirements and the current trends in your major’s professional industry. In your third year and beyond, you will continue to meet with your Faculty Advisor. 

Where can I find my assigned Faculty Advisor and College Advisor?

You can find this information on your Academic Record in OASIS.

Do I need to be “cleared” by a faculty advisor to register each semester?

You must be cleared to register by your Faculty Advisor if you have between 30 and 60 earned credits. Before earning 30 credit hours, you will see your College Advisor.  After earning 60 credit hours, you will no longer require clearance to register for courses. 

How do I know which courses to take?

You should refer to your Advising Guide (located in OASIS) each semester for your curriculum requirement status. 

When can I add or drop courses? 

Current semester add, drop, and withdrawal schedules are available on the Records Office site.

How do I switch my concentration and/or major?

Click here for general transfer credit information:
If you have questions regarding transferring credits into the Photography Major, please contact Jenn Jones, Academic Coordinator. 

How do I switch my concentration and/or major?

Make an appointment with your Faculty Advisor to discuss such a change.

How do I minor in Photography?

Review the requirements here.
Contact Jenn Jones, Academic Coordinator more information.

How do I prepare for graduation?

Click here for information on the graduation audit process.
Click here for additional graduation information.