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Columbia College Chicago
Digital Artist in Residence Program

Digital Artist in Residence Program

The Photography Department of Columbia College Chicago is pleased to announce their 2013 Digital Artist in Residence, Sonja Thomsen.

This Digital Artist Residency Program is designed to be a unique learning partnership between local professional artists and Columbia College Chicago’s Photography Department. The artist functions both as a resource and mentor to the educational community, sharing their sources of inspiration and creative methods.

The residency program is intended to help foster involvement with the arts community by engaging and strengthening relationships between professional artists and the Photography Department. It promises to provide the Photography Department with increased opportunities to build communities of practitioners and artists who equally strive to connect and collaborate with peers, students and industry leaders.

The Digital Artist Residency Program will contribute to an already significant culture of creativity and promote artistry and innovation among the educational community of faculty, staff and students.

sonja thomsen

Sonja Thomsen is an artist who lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work can be described as an amalgamation of perceptions of seeing indicating time and space. Thomsen’s multifaceted practice includes photography, sculpture, interactive installation and site-specific public art. She remains fascinated by the camera as a tool to record time, document scale and construct metaphor. Her projects question the experience of seeing, elusiveness of knowledge, the potential of emptiness and the celebration of wonder. Each of Thomsen’s installations court the viewer to dance within the space where image and experience meet, igniting the potential of the space between.

"Thomsen's environments trigger an instinctual, corporeal awareness. The individual feels a connection to intangible processes of perception, which—like photography—occurs in objective time but also creates subjective time. For Sonja Thomsen, temporality is an artistic medium and a conceptual space. In time, personal experience and universal recognition can converge." - Britt Salvesen from her essay Hourglass: The Art of Sonja Thomsen for the Mary L. Nohl Fellowship Exhibition Catalog

Sonja Thomsen received a BA in Biology & Studio Art from Kenyon College in 2000. She received her MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004. Since receiving her MFA Thomsen as exhibited and lectured widely. She has worked with venues including the Reykjavik Museum of Photography in Reykjavik Iceland; New Mexico Art Museum, Santa Fe NM, Silverstein Photography, New York; Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago; Cynthia Reeves Gallery, New York; Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison; David Weinberg Gallery, Chicago; Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh; and the Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee.

Thomsen's work resides in the collections of the Milwaukee Art Museum, Ljosmyndasafn Reykjavikur (Reykjavík Museum of Photography) and the Midwest Photographers Project at Museum of Contemporary Photography.

You can see more of her work on her website. www.sonjathomsen.com
You can also keep up with us by following the Photography Department's Facebook Page. facebook.com/ColumbiaCollegePHOTO

sonja thomsen