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I'm not sure I can go, but what can I do now in case I am able to go?
Whether you're definitely going or unsure right now, the first thing to do now is to get a passport if you need one (check your expiration date). Passport must be valid for at least 6 months AFTER the date of your return to the US - at least January 1, 2015, but this date may be later if you plan to stay in Asia beyond the conclusion of the class.


If I haven’t taken the pre-requisite can I still take the class?

Possibly. Please contact Liz Chilsen, echilsen@colum.edu to discuss the requirements.

Is financial aid available for this program?
Yes. However, because no aid is specifically awarded for Summer semester, students are advised to apply heavily for Spring or Fall, and use the extra funds for Summer. Students may use their Title IV (FAFSA) awards to help pay for approved study abroad programs. Please contact Student Financial Services for assistance. Other scholarship information is available on the International Programs webpage


Do I need to pay for everything upfront?
No. The only upfront expense required is the deposit toward program fees. Summer tuition and the balance of your program fees are paid through CCCPay or at the Cashier's window (3rd floor, 600 S Michigan Ave). Students may contact SFS to arrange installment payments. Once accepted to the class, your deposit must be paid to hold your place in the program. Space is limited.

Do I need health/medical insurance that is valid overseas?
Yes. The college will arrange this coverage, and bill your account approximately $40.


How long is the period of coverage for the temporary health/medical insurance?
This insurance is valid during the dates of the class and for one week either before or after that period. Students traveling on their own beyond that time frame need to provide their own insurance. Please contact International Programs webpage for more information.


How many classes can I miss in a session?
None. This is an intensive program, and students are expected to attend all sessions. Students are required to participate fully in every session, arriving on time or early, and staying until they are formally dismissed. Note that a signed affidavit for your conduct while abroad is part of the application. Students who engage in illegal activities or in activities that would dishonor the College will be sent home at their own expense.

May I come early?
No. The class will begin in Chicago prior to departure and you are required to attend these classes.


Can I stay longer?

Yes. You are encouraged to stay in the area after the conclusion of the class if you are able. Travel within Southeast Asia is relatively inexpensive. Please plan ahead. You will be responsible for your own accommodations and travel after the last day of the class. You must also apply for and secure visas to any additional countries before you leave the U.S. Allow at least a month for your visas. Consult directly with the embassy of each country you plan to visit.


Is there a computer on site?
No. You are expected to bring a laptop to complete coursework during the class. The hotel/lodging will include free internet access. Students are also required to bring a portable hard drive of at least 500GB.


Do you recommend any travel guides?
Purchase at least one good travel guide covering the area, and use it to orient yourself to the region. Lonely Planet and Eyewitness Travel are two possibilities. In addition there will be required readings and work to help you learn about the area. You might want to collaborate with others on the class to have a variety of guidebooks for reference.


Potential Additional Costs:
Most of your in-country travel and meals are part of the class activities and will be paid for as part of your program fees. There are opportunities for free meals, though, and you will be working on a project while in country. Independent activities will be paid on your own. You should also budget for purchase of souvenirs, etc.

What will the total costs be?
Please note that the global currency market is always in flux. All costs (except tuition) are estimates.

  • SE Asia Estimated Total Program Fees, including tuition: $9,000.
  • Netherlands Estimated Total Program Fees, including tuition: $8,000.
  • Tuition is $586 per credit hour for undergraduates and $785 for graduate students, which will be paid separately from Program Fees.
  • Your daily expenses beyond those covered in your program fees will depend on your tastes and needs.
  • The fee for temporary health insurance for students traveling abroad is approximately $40.
  • If you intend to travel on your own after the course concludes, please budget for that as well.

Where can I get information about meetings and program updates? Who are my contacts?
Meeting announcements and program updates are posted throughout the Photography Department, in the main office (600 S. Michigan, 12th floor), on this Web page and on the department Facebook page (Photography Department - Columbia College Chicago). Contact: Laura Bauknecht and Liz Chilsen, photoabroad@colum.edu.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Acceptance into the class is based on your application. Follow all requirements carefully.
  • See “Important Dates” section above for all applicable deadlines.
  • Registration begins April 7, 2014.
  • Once students have been accepted into the class, they will be cleared to register for the class.
  • Students must register as required.
  • A deposit is required by date specified above in “Important Dates”.
  • Financial aid is available for this program. Please see SFS for more information.
  • We advise that all students consult with their academic and department advisors before signing up for the program.
  • All courses are contingent on enrollment.
  • Adherence to and professionalism regarding deadlines and other requirements is required. Failure to comply may jeopardize the applicant’s ability to participate in the program.