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Portfolio Review Requirements

Portfolio Review Requirements

Foundations of Photography I 

An online exam is the first of a two-step review for Foundations of Photography I. If a student obtains a score on the exam that indicates an understanding of foundational concepts, the student will be provided with a link to upload a digital portfolio. Photography faculty members will then review the student's portfolio and the student will receive feedback within 14 business days. 

If you are a student with photography experience, please contact Jenn Jones at jennjones@colum.edu for access to the exam.

Foundations of Photography II

10-15 inkjet prints which exhibit a good contrast range, a full tonal range for black & white images, and accurate color. 

Images should demonstrate: 

  • An understanding of basic camera controls including shutter speed / time & aperture / depth of field. 
  • A basic understanding of the usage of light and space in their images.
  • A basic understanding of framing and composition.
  • Images should portray a theme or idea from one or two projects/series 

Students should be able to discuss their visual choices and the meaning of their images.

Digital Imaging I

To have Digital Imaging I waived or to transfer in an equivalent course, students must take an exam.  This exam has two parts, a written portion and a Photoshop portion.  The exam will test the student’s proficiency in areas covered in the Digital Imaging I course.

Introduction to Lighting

  • 15-20 mix of color and black & white digital prints
  • One cohesive project is preferred
  • The portfolio should show:
    • ability to use applied studio lighting as an expressive tool
    • ability to effectively light portraits and still life in the studio
    • ability to use applied lighting on location

If you have questions or want to schedule a review for Foundations II, Digital Imaging I, or Introduction to Lighting, Contact Jenn Jones, Academic Coordinator.