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Alumni Spotlight
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Kristin Feledy-Morning Show Host, SiliconANGLETV.com, Dallas, Texas

With technology changing by the minute, 2008 Radio Department graduate and Bartlett, Illinois native Kristin Feledy is just the person to keep viewers up to date as host of the morning show program NewsDesk on SiliconANGLETV.com.

SiliconANGLETV.com is a tech news network focusing on enterprise tech and the convergence of cloud, mobile, and social media. A worldwide operation based out of Palo Alto, CA, with bureaus in Boston, and Dallas, Kristin works out of the Dallas bureau where she not only hosts but also is responsible for writing stories and interviewing movers and shakers in the tech industry.

For Kristin, her love of technology became apparent at Columbia College. During her senior year she connected with the college's Portfolio Center where she was able to design her own website in order to showcase her audio content and portfolio for potential employers. The Portfolio Center also helped her design business cards, which she used at Columbia networking events and on interviews. As Kristin relates, "A business card and website made me look much more professional and put-together, and it was helpful in establishing my ability to be tech-savvy in a time when employers were seeking that ability in their applicants."

Since graduating in 2008, Kristin has consistently worked in the broadcast field and used each stop on the way as a stepping-stone to her current position. In her final semester at Columbia College, she used her experience as a host at the school station, WCRX, 88.1 FM, along with an internship at Harpo Radio to segue into becoming a full-time morning show host in Oklahoma. From there, she jumped several markets when she secured work as an on-air talent/promotions assistant at a station in one of the largest markets in the country, Dallas, Texas. Through it all, one thing has resonated with her: the classes and experience she acquired as a radio major at Columbia College. "Any time I applied for a broadcast position, and those in the position to hire saw 'Columbia College' on my resume, they always complimented me on what a great school I went to. Many of my employers have hired Columbia grads previously, so they have a preconceived notion of the kind of training Columbia College students receive. They know we have a reputation for being prepared, whereas with some other schools, they don't have the same expectations. Columbia provided me with a great deal of hands-on training which has been very beneficial to me in proving my worth in the field of broadcast."