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Internship Requirements & FAQ
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Internship Requirements & FAQ

Radio Department Requirements for a Radio Internship

In order to obtain an internship you must meet the following requirements set forth by the department:

  • Junior Status(60 credits or more)
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Schedule a meeting with your Radio Advisor to determine if you have taken all required radio courses
  • Two referrals from past radio instructors
  • Have completed one semester of the WCRX Practicum


If I am a Radio student and I want to do an internship, can I get one?

Answer: Yes. You must be Junior status(at least 60 credits), 3.0 GPA and have completed the Radio prerequisite courses. We want to make sure that we are sending the most qualified students to internship sites. As long as you meet requirements we will assist you in getting that desired internship.

How many internships are available each semester?

Answer: Because of the relationships that we have nurtured with stations over the years, we have more than enough contacts to make sure that every student who qualifies gets the internship in the area that they desire.

Can I get an internship outside of the Chicagoland area?

Answer: Yes. We have placed students at stations throughout the United States. Because of our reputation and alumni base, we find that most stations welcome our students with open arms. For example, this past summer we had internships set up in Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Indiana. In the past, we have worked with stations in California, Las Vegas, St.Louis and the list goes on....

Are internships paid?

Answer: For the most part internships are not paid. There have been exceptions, but the general notion is that the time and effort of the supervisors, along with the networking the student obtains, more than compensates for the lack of pay. Look at your internship as a learning experience and an opportunity for your future.

Do I have to take the internship for college credit?

Answer: Yes. The question should be, why would you not want to take it for college credit? By taking the internship for college credit, you are fully insured in case something happens on or off site. Most stations go to great lengths to insure that the public are aware that they are employing students as interns. Also, because the internship is taken as a class, you will have the support of the college should a problem occur.

Do I have to have an internship before I graduate?

Answer: No. Internships are not required but are strongly recommended. They count towards the radio elective portion of your degree.

Why can't I find internship postings on the 7th floor?

Answer: Because they are never posted. We want to save stations the time and aggravation of sifting through candidates that might not be either eligible or suitable for a particular internship. Radio stations appreciate the fact that we have high standards and we can assure you that because of this, our students are in high demand. Radio stations prefer that we refer all qualified students for internships.

Can I do two internships at once?

Answer: No. You are only allowed to do one internship per semester. Doing two internships at once at different stations, is not only a conflict of interest, but stations never allow this practice. You are considered an employee, and all the knowledge you gain from the station is confidential.