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Creative Learning Hubs
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Creative Learning Hubs

Creative Learning Hubs at Columbia are an opportunity to collaborate with students, faculty and guest artists from multiple majors and disciplines in a supportive environment that allows for creative risk-taking and the fluid exchange of idea development.

Three Hubs were offered during the 2013-14 school year. Some are ongoing and new opportunities are being created all the time.

Hip Hop Constellation

Hip Hop is over forty years old, just coming into its prime. It is an inherently post-modern, interdisciplinary, creative, political and global culture. Hip hop is also a multi-million dollar industry that is increasingly studied at elite academically focused institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, Columbia University, New York University, Brown, etc. but has yet to be fully engage in a cross-curricular expansive way in an arts and media institution. By answering the question, Where does Hip Hop currently live, and where and how could it live at Columbia College Chicago?, we pave the way for sustainable groundbreaking Hip Hop studies in an arts college in academia, one that will be able to span the performative, the visual, the industrial and the theoretical dimensions of this cultural phenomenon.

The Hip Hop Constellation held many successful events throughout the year. Find out more here:


Re/Sounding Black Chicago

Congrats to the students in the Spring 2014 offering of Re/Sounding Black Chicago. Their work will be showcased at Manifest. Don't miss it! Check out this promotional video from Re/Sounding student Jovan Landry!

Digital Investigation Pod (DIP)

This ongoing Pod/Hub encourages faculty, staff, students both graduate and undergraduate as well as alumni to explore the limits of digital imaging.

Regular scheduled classes will continue to plug in and out of the activities of DIP via short-term workshops, artist forums and experiential projects that achieve real world outcomes. Students will learn to be innovators of creative practice and will be free from a quantity-based learning model. DIP acts as a break from the regular class routine for all parties and contributes to the experiential learning goals of the department.

Student access is not limited by the standard course prerequisites they are met with in other courses of study. DIP will run on the prerequisites of innovation and promise of outcomes.    

Photography students interesting in the Digital Investigation Pod should talk to their faculty for more information.