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Undergraduate Research
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Undergraduate Research


What is the URMI?
The Undergraduate Research Mentorship Initiative (URMI) connects talented students who are interested in the experience of conducting academic research with faculty mentors involved in worthy scholarly and research projects in their areas of expertise. Students in any major at Columbia are encouraged to seek out an URMI in LAS in a field different from theirs as a way to broaden their academic perspectives and deepen their ability to conduct research.

What is the benefit of conducting research with members of the faculty?
The URMI gives Columbia's undergraduate students the opportunity to gain real-world experience and learn research and scholarly techniques from practitioners in academic and integrative disciplines based in the liberal arts and sciences. Even in a discipline different from your major at Columbia, the experience enhances your credentials as you enter professional fields or pursue higher academic degrees. Students also earn up to 3 credit hours per semester for their participation.

What kinds of research have other students conducted through URMI?
Since the URMI launched in 2008, students have partnered with faculty members to conduct URMI projects such as “Women and Modernism,” “Attitudes Toward Sex in the New Millennium,” “Interpreting in Religious Settings,” and “Models of Relativistic Gas,” among many others.

Sounds great! How do I apply?
For more information about the URMI and how to apply, please download the informational brochures below. 

Faculty members:
Click here to download the informational PDF.

Click here to download the informational PDF.