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The Teaching Artist Journal
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The Teaching Artist Journal


The Teaching Artist Journal (TAJ) is a print and online quarterly devoted to the work and thought of teaching artists and all those working at the intersection of the arts and learning. TAJ is published by Routledge and is edited and produced under the auspices of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Columbia College Chicago. TAJ is a peer-reviewed journal indexed in the major academic databases and serves as the journal of record for the teaching artist field.

The mission of the Teaching Artist Journal is to:

  • Advance effective, innovative practice by teaching artists and to document such practice
  • Serve as a vital, international forum, a practical and theoretical tool, and a point of connection for teaching artists of all kinds
  • Advocate for the interests of teaching artists
  • Forge new connections and new methods of communication among arts educators
  • Share the artistic, educational, and social insights gained by teaching artists with the broader fields of education and arts practice
  • Advocate for access to arts experience for all people

Links, Subscription information, Contact
For more information about TAJ, including information about the journal’s submission guidelines and its online articles, visit TAJournal.com. The journal’s online initiative, ALT/space, a curated blog written by teaching artist correspondents from around the world, can be found at: TAJALTspace.com.

Subscription information, sample copies of the journal, and single article downloads are available at: tandfonline.com/toc/htaj20/current. The journal also has a lively and informative Facebook page. If you have questions about the Teaching Artist Journal, please contact Nick Jaffe, Chief Editor, at TAJournal@colum.edu, or 773.793.4643.

TAJ Editorial Team
Chief Editor – Nick Jaffe (musician, teaching artist, curriculum designer)
Resource Exchange Editor – Becca Barniskis (poet, teaching artist, curriculum designer)
ALT/space Editor – Malke Rosenfeld (dancer, choreographer, teaching artist, consultant)
Four Questions Editor – Amara Hark Weber (artist, teaching artist, designer)
Emerging Media/Web Editor – Keidra Chaney (web consultant, emerging media specialist, writer)
Associate Editor – Mimi Herman (independent teaching artist, writer)
Associate Editor – Mike Wiley (theatre artist, teaching artist)
Founding Editor – Eric Booth
Consulting Editor – Nick Rabkin