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Media Entrepreneurship

Media Entrepreneurship

We live in a changing media landscape, where convergence between disciplines is becoming commonplace. Students today enter college with experience producing media, owing to the availability and low-cost of digital production tools. Fueled by the Internet, powered by cheap and advanced digital media creation tools, these students are heralds of a media revolution of interweaving disciplines and aesthetics. They seek programs of study that build on their native skills while broadening their fluency and technical excellence in a variety of digital media forms and their ability to read and predict the trends and opportunities that are redefining future media-making success.

Media Entrepreneurial skills are increasingly essential not only for students who will work in traditional media-based industries but for those who will forge new ventures in the startup fires of technology, media, mobility, and global engagement. 

Media Entrepreneurship is the native energy and intelligence that empowers creative success in media-making ecosystems, combining vision, a compelling story, team-building, technical prowess, and pure hustle to bring all the pieces together in a moment of impact. Through cross-departmental partnerships, the School of Media Arts defines curricular pathways that position students to break disciplinary boundaries and find their passion in team projects that open doors to the world beyond college. Media Entrepreneurship is the way we work every day in the School of Media Arts, and we are developing new tools to guide students toward learning options in our existing programs that will tune their creative minds and at the same time, tune their skills at team-building, partnering, and marketing their professional potential.

The following are success stories from our Media Entrepreneurship culture. 


Kevin Moss, Film & Video

In 2006, Kevin Moss started a production company with fellow filmmakers, Beverly Ridge Pictures to facilitate an independent short project endorsed by the Film & Video department of Columbia College called "The Small Assassin."  The film was awarded a Student ASC Award at the 2007 ASC awards.  In Late 2007, his production company began to develop a feature film entitled "Chicago Overcoat" a modern day gangster film starring Armand Assante and Stacey Keach.  After a successful festival run including a Best Cinematography award at the Midwest Film Awards 2010, the film was picked up by the Showtime Channel as well as worldwide DVD distribution.  "Chicago Overcoat" was recently nominated for  a 2011 ASC Award for Outstanding Cinematography in a TV Movie or Mini-Series. 



Moon Intern, Interactive Arts & Media

Larry Griffin and a team of fellow game designers going by the name Cosmosaur (all recent graduates from the Interactive Arts and Media department) created the indie game, Moon Intern, a serialized, side-scrolling RPG set on a moon colony. Crowdfunded through a $43,000 Kickstarter campaign, Moon Intern is indicative of the department's focus on the emerging trend of indie development within the game industry. Development of the game continues and updates on its progress can be found on the Moon Intern blog: www.moonintern.com



Dick Joseph, Marketing Communications

Dick Joseph, a Columbia College Junior with a Marketing Communication major and minor in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management,  is a partner in a multipurpose music company called BravoArtist.  His company provides concert promoting and artist management services in Chicago, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio, with expansion plans to include other cities.   The Bravo-vision is to help build the next generation of music talent.  Promotional materials tout BravoArtist as the bridge between the band and the fan.


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To learn more about our curricular pathways in Media Entrepreneurship, please let us know how we can reach out to you. If you are a potential or current student or parent, we will provide examples of learning pathways that are connected to your preferred or current program of study. If you are a potential partner, we appreciate your interest, enthusiasm, and support. We are expanding the scope and depth of our Media Entrepreneurship options, and we are seeking guidance in the creation of pathways that will be a good fit for your future ventures.