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Columbia College Chicago
Art and Materials Conservation Major
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Art and Materials Conservation Major

Bachelor of Arts in Art and Materials Conservation 

List of major course requirements

Click here for the requirements and courses at Columbia College Chicago

Click here for the requirements and courses at Lorenzo de’ Medici, Florence, Italy

Learning Outcomes

Students will

  • Understand the science behind the deterioration, prevention and reconstruction of cultural artifacts.  (Science and Mathematics Courses) 
  • Have the manual dexterity, knowledge of techniques, and an understanding and affinity for art materials. (Art & Design Courses) 
  • Understand the artistic and historical context of artwork that is under care of conservators. (Art & Design and Humanities, History and Social Sciences Courses) 
  • Understand the complex ethics and civic engagement of art restoration/conservation and authentication. (Lorenzo de’ Medici and Art and Materials Conservation Capstone, CCC Philosophy Courses (Humanities, History, Social Sciences Department) ,  
  • Be able to professionally document their breadth of experience conserving and restoring Renaissance painting, sculpture, wood work, and/or other cultural materials. (Lorenzo de’ Medici and Art and Materials Conservation Internship and Capstone) 

Percentage of the major hours vs. total graduation hours

The major requirements account for what percentage of the total credit hours for graduation? (120 total credit hours are required for the BA.) 

The major course requirements (58 credit hours) account for 48.3 % of the total credit hours for graduation. 

Number of Major Course Credit Hours

Total Number of Credit Hours

Percentage of Total Credit Hours



48.3 %

The four-year plan of study recommended by the Science and Mathematics Department suggest LAS Core courses that would benefit the student in Art and Materials Conservation studies and would comprise 120 total hours.

For Program Advice

Major Coordinator:

Michael J. Welsh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Columbia College Chicago
623 S. Wabash Ave., Room 500-K
Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: 312-369-7534