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Choosing a Math Course
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Choosing a Math Course

Depending upon the student's compass score or ACT score, a student may take one or more of any of the courses listed. However, some courses are best suited for students with certain majors. Students may take any of the courses, but the majors that would benefit most from these courses are listed.


Compass score
ACT score    Course    # Course name Suggested Majors
0-16 56-1710
Basic Math Skills All Majors
34+ 17+ 56-1720
College Mathematics All Majors
34+ 17+ 56-1723 Liberal Arts Mathmatics All Majors
34+ 17+ 56-1728
Quantitative Literacy
All Majors
67+ 23+ 56-1721
Mathematical Ideas (online)
Film, TV, Radio
56-1722 Introduction to Statistical Methods
Journalism, Marketing
56-1724 Geometry in the Arts Fine Arts, Graphics Design, Fashion Design, Product Design
56-1725 Math in Art and Nature
Fine Arts, Graphics Design, Fashion Design, Product Design
56-1726 Math for Marketing and Managenment
Marketing, AEMM
56-2710 College Algebra
AAA, Film, TV, Radio, AEMM
56-2713 Precalculus
AAA, Film, TV, Radio, Product Design
25 56-2720 Calculus I AAA, Gaming