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Choosing a Math Course
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Choosing a Math Course

Mathematics placement is determined by a student's score on the ACT, SAT, or Compass placement test. Students may enroll in any course for which they are qualified, but should take care to ensure that they choose a class that aligns with their academic interests and mathematics experience. For further information on any of the courses listed below, please visit the online course catalog.


Compass score ACT score SAT score    Course    # Course name
0-33 0-16 0-410 56-1710 Basic Math Skills
34+ 17+ 420+ 56-1720 College Mathematics
56-1723 Liberal Arts Mathmatics
56-1728 Quantitative Reasoning
50+ 20+ 490+ 56-1724 Geometry in the Arts
56-1725 Math in Art and Nature
67+ 23+ 550+ 56-1721 Mathematical Ideas (online)
56-1722 Introduction to Statistical Methods
56-1726 Math for Marketing and Managenment
56-2710 College Algebra
75+ 25+ 580+ 56-2713 Precalculus




56-2720 Calculus I