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Minor in Environmental Studies
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Minor in Environmental Studies

The minor in Environmental Studies intended for students who would like to explore nature and environmental themes in their arts and communication studies.  For example, a student who would like to work for National Geographic as a photographer or in nature documentary film may find that the minor will give them a background that will stand out on their resume.  Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary science that uses concepts and information from the natural sciences such as ecology, biology, chemistry and geology, but also from the social sciences, such as economics, politics and ethics to help us understand (1) how the earth works, (2) how we are affecting the earth’s life-support systems (environment) for us and other forms of life, and (3) how to deal with the environmental problems that we face.  Thus, the goal of the minor is to have all students complete a core course in Environmental Science, which incorporates each of these disciplines.  Then, the student will be able to choose which of the disciplines within environmental studies that s/he wishes to pursue in greater detail, with core courses in Biology, Chemistry and Geology and more specialized courses later on.  Finally, each student will complete an Independent Study project or Internship depending upon his/her special interests, which can be arranged through numerous professional contacts of the faculty.

Students must complete 20-24 credit hours of courses to complete the minor.  Students may now double count up to 9 credits of LAS Core Requirement credit towards credits towards their minor.  In other words, if a student completes the classes for the minor, two of the classes will also fulfill the LAS Science requirement.

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For Program Advice

Program Advisor:
Michelle L. Rafacz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
623 South Wabash Avenue, Rm 500-E
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: 312-369-8505

Advising Audit:

Environmental Studies Minor Advising Audit Form