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Columbia College Chicago


Name Degree
Office Number*
Phone Number**
Gerald Adams Ph.D. in Geology 200-L 7540
Ph.D. in Mathematics 224  7019
Beatrix Budy Ph.D. in Biochemistry 200-H 7371
Charles E. Cannon Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry
200-G 7396
Marcelo Caplan B.S. in Electrical Engineering 200-D 7989
Elizabeth Davis-Berg Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 200-J 7395
David Dolak M.S. in Environmental Science 200-I 7920
Ann Hanson M.S. in Mathematics 500-F 7442
Daniel Jordan Ph.D. in Mathematics  500   8503    
Azar Khosravani

Ph.D. in Mathematics
Associate Chairperson

             500-H               7285
Keith Kostecka D.A. in Chemistry 200-C 7182
Weihua Li Ph.D. in Mathematics
500 3256
Timothy L. McCaskey Ph.D. in Physics 200-F 7765
Julie E. Minbiole Ph.D. in Biology 500-J 7546
Heather Minges Wols Ph.D. in Microbiology/Immunology 500-I 7444
Luis Nasser Ph.D. in Physics  500-B  6580
Pangratios Papacosta Ph.D. in Physics 500-A 7443
Michelle L. Rafacz Ph.D. in Biology 500-E 8505
Constantin N. Rasinariu Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics
500-L 7515


Christopher S. Shaw Ph.D. in Mathematics 500-M 7732
Eunju Sohn Ph.D. in Mathematics 224 7019
Michael J. Welsh Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry


Robin Whatley Ph.D. in Geological Sciences 200-K 8604

*   Offices are located at 623 S. Wabash except where noted.
** When off campus dial 312-369- and then the office extension.