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Columbia College Chicago
Science in Everyday Life
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Science in Everyday Life

Science In Everyday Life

Science in Everyday Life Program Summary


            Every summer the Office of the Mayor, Youth Ready Chicago Program, seeks to provide Chicago’s inner-city youth with an opportunity to work both in the private and public sectors in order to prepare them for the future job market.  Begining the summer of 2009, the Science Institute in the Department of Science and Mathematics of Columbia College Chicago have had an opportunity to host this and two other programs, including “Digital Youth Summer Jobs Program” (Beloved Community) and Governor Pat Quinn’s initiative “Put Illinois to Work” (Enlace Chicago).  During this eight-week program entitled “Science in Everyday Life”, we aimed to provide these students with opportunities to learn about science, culture, life, and our city of Chicago.   Scientific topics covered in the program include solar energy, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, and nutrition.  The participants learned scientific topics and incorporated arts and sciences together by using animation, film, and video.  They also gained professional and life skills such as budgeting, resume writing, dress code, interview skills, and public speaking.  By coming to Columbia College Chicago every day, many of the participants were introduced to a college environment for the first time.  As all of these participants are from very low income families, this summer program has provided and continues to provide them with unique opportunities to learn science and art and to experience the city in ways they would otherwise not likely encounter.


In an effort to provide our program participants with an opportunity to experience different aspects of life in the city and be exposed to different cultures, we received generous support and contributions from various Chicago companies.  Our sponsors include the John Hancock Building Observatory, the Skydeck Willis Tower, the Chicago White Sox, the Alder Planetarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra , the Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Co., American Sightseeing Gray Line bus Tour,  the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Grand Lux Café, the Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods Market, and the California Pizza Kitchen.