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We manage one of the most effective internship programs in the country with placements in Chicago, throughout the U.S., and overseas, providing extremely competitive internships to Junior and Senior level students in our department. It is an opportunity to work part-time in a marketing area you think you might want to consider after college.  And it will help you gain valuable work experience and determine if your interest in a particular career matches your abilities. 

We have also found that many employers seek entry level candidates who have taken internships during college because they believe those people will not only have experience but also a better understanding of the work-place environment and the skills required to be effective immediately.  At the same time, an internship increases your networking contacts and may lead to a full-time position immediately after you graduate.

By taking an Internship, you can also receive 1 - 6 credit hours per internship and up to 12 total credit hours during your college career if you take more than one. After approval from the Internship Director, you register on Oasis and pay for these credits just as you would for any other course. Your grade is determined by your supervisors’ evaluation and the paper, you write detailing your internship experience.

For details on obtaining an internship and the services we offer, contact:

Julie Harris
Internship Director
Marketing Communication Department

Summer Schedule Internship Advising Hours:

Mondays & Tuesdays = 9:30am –1pm; 2:30pm – 4:30pm
(Appointments Required)

Wednesday "Walk-ins" = 9:30am-1pm

Thursday & Friday = Internship workshops (as scheduled) and external relationships

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