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Advertising & Public Relations Majors

Advertising & Public Relations Majors

To earn the Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete the Liberal Arts and Marketing Communications Core required classes that establish the foundation for learning. Once the Core requirements have been met, students may choose one of our four concentrations for in-depth study.

What Are the Core Requirements in Advertising & Public Relations?

As a student majoring in Advertising & Public Relations, you will be “cross-trained” in the basics of Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations by taking the following courses:

29-1500 Introduction to Marketing
54-1600 Introduction to Advertising
54-1601 Consumer Behavior (Adcult)
54-1700 Introduction to Public Relations
29-2500 Introduction to Market Research
54-2900 Introduction to Media
29-3505 Marketing Yourself/Job-Seeking Strategies

We have found that this cross-training will make you more desirable as a "hire" in the advertising & public relations field, where professionals want well-rounded students who have integrated knowledge as well as the skills in their specialized concentrations.

You may begin taking courses toward your Advertising & Public Relations major as a freshman while you are earning LAS credits.


The Advertising Major will help you develop a solid understanding of the principles of advertising psychology and the development of effective advertising strategies, concepts, and techniques, whether targeted to the overall mass consumer market or to selected market segments. You'll also acquire hands-on experience in applying those principles to your individual interests and career goals. You will also be exposed to ongoing and emerging advertising management and ethical issues from a real-world perspective.

Degree Requirements: Advertising

Public Relations

Our Public Relations Major helps you develop theoretical and practical appreciation for communication strategies aimed at shaping the public perceptions and attitudes towards an issue, organization, institution, product, and/or service. Using a real world approach, you will be taught how to analyze public relations problems and then formulate and implement viable strategies for problem resolutions. You are also taught to write effectively for all media, deploy diverse resources and tools in fulfillment of public relations goals. The subject of ethics and its implications for the PR functions are interwoven throughout the curriculum.

Degree Requirements: Public Relations

Minor in Creative Advertising

The Creative Advertising Minor provides students in other departments the opportunity to develop a more informed sense of professional context and practice as emerging media artists, and expand their career options. This minor requires 15 hours for completion.

Degree Requirements: Minor in Creative Advertising

Minor in Public Relations

The minor in public relations is intended for any student in majors throughout Columbia. Its concepts enrich journalism, radio, and broadcast as well as professionals in cultural and arts management, entrepreneurs in emerging fields of technology, in interactive arts and media, and in the interdisciplinary arts. Students with accomplishments in creative and fiction writing, and in film and video will benefit from the relevant attributes and skills – namely, outreach and promotion – sharpened and ready for use. This minor requires 18 hours for completion.

Degree Requirements: Minor in Public Relations