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Student Organizations
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Student Organizations

What If I Am Interested in Getting Involved with Clubs in the Department?

All of the clubs in our department are open to all students studying marketing communication. Active participation in them is a great way to augment your education, build friendships that can last a lifetime, lay the groundwork for a vibrant professional network, and set your resume apart from your peers during your search for an entry level position.  Our clubs include:

CCCAMA: Columbia's Chapter of the AMerican Marketing Association

CCCAMA is a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association. As a chapter of the AMA, our members are connected to a network of 40,000 marketing individuals. During the school year, CCCAMA hosts skill building workshops, presentations by practicing marketing professionals, visits to top industry agencies, and valuable learning and networking opportunities beyond the classroom.  

email info.cccama@gmail.com for membership information  

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Public Relations Student Society of America

As members of the Public Relations Student Society of America, the nation's preeminent public relations student organization, our members are part of a network of over 9600 pre-professionals at 284 universities across the country. Columbia's chapter of PRSSA strives to help its members become the energetic marketing professionals they were born to be.

email columbiaprssa@gmail.com for membership information

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Columbia College Sports Marketing Club

The Sports Marketing Club is charged with enhancing the educational experience of Columbia College students interested in the field of sports communications. The club provides networking opportunities through a variety of events, including, but not limited to, visits with marketing, advertising and public relations staff on various professional and collegiate teams, as well as sports-focused companies.

email mperlman@colum.edu for membership information

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AAF: Columbia's Chapter of the American Advertising Federation

The AAF is the oldest national advertising trade association made up of 40,000 professionals in the advertising industry. Columbia's chapter of the AAF strives to prepare students for the industry by entering industry advertising competitions.

email pmurphy@colum.edu for membership information