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Columbia College Chicago
Student Resources

Student Resources

Who Else Should I Know at Columbia College Chicago?

Our resources extend beyond our classrooms to the conference rooms and executive suites of many communication firms in the Chicago area, which provide guest lecturers and invite students for on-site educational experiences. Specific resources helpful to you within Columbia College Chicago, but outside of the Advertising & Public Relations Department, include:

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements, Schedule Planning, Assistance, Graduation Audits, Policy and Procedure Information, and General Questions:
Rachel Horton, College Advisor
Call 312-369-7645 to arrange an appointment.

Research Consultations and Help Using Research Tools
Paula Epstein, Reference and Instruction Librarian
Columbia College Library

Portfolio Advising, Portfolio Production, Professional Portfolio Reviews, Student & Alumni Portfolio Websites
The Portfolio Center
623 S. Wabash, Suite 307
Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday

Scholarship Information and Application Forms
Maureen Herlehy, Enrollment Management
600 S. Michigan Ave., Room 300B

Help Developing and Strengthening Writing Skills
The Writing Center, 618 S. Michigan Ave., 1st Floor
P: 312-369-8130
E: writingcenter@colum.edu
Hours:  9am – 7pm, Monday through Thursday
9am-7pm, Friday
10am-3pm, Saturday
12 Noon – 5pm, Sunday

Free Counseling Services
The Office of Counseling Services
731 S. Plymouth Court, Suit 112 (Main Level)
To schedule an appointment, call 312-369-8700 or stop by their offices.

Services for Students with Disabilities
623 S. Wabash, Suite 304

P: (312) 369-8296
E: SSD@colum.edu

Questions about campus housing and dormitory life
E: residencelife@colum.edu

Issues or questions about diversity at Columbia College
Sheila Carter, Executive Director
Multicultural Affairs
618 S. Michigan, 4th Floor
P: 312-369-7569
F: 312-369-8465
E: muticulturalaffairs@colum.edu