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Business & Entrepreneurship
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Welcome to the Business & Entrepreneurship Department.

formerly Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management (AEMM) Department

We prepare students to be entrepreneurial leaders in the following careers: music promotion, distribution and executive production, international arts management, live entertainment and the performing arts, TV, film, radio, print, marketing, digital and social media, museums and galleries, professional and collegiate sports.

Behind all great artists, performers, and athletes are business professionals. Managing festivals, tours, films, galleries, museums, albums, videos, magazines, mobile applications, sports teams, venues, and your own career as an artist requires an in-depth knowledge of business acumen, promotional strategies, and collaboration. Students majoring in Business and Entrepreneurship gain these skills, which help them to launch sustainable careers doing what they love. Columbia’s location in the heart of Chicago provides students with opportunities to intern and work for world-renowned companies while simultaneously earning their degrees. And top executives from those very same companies are in our classrooms every day—both as guests and as faculty—teaching students industry standards and practices, and sharing their professional experiences and pathways to success.

Business and Entrepreneurship students learn by doing. They make connections with an active network of 3,000 alumni working for top arts and entertainment companies located in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and around the world. They study international business from the experts by studying abroad—in Paris, London, Rome, Dublin, and Shanghai—at one of our eight international partner universities. They work, for college credit, in student-run ventures—two record labels, a talent agency, an online distribution company, a gallery, a nightclub, and a marketing agency. Every day, students are applying the theory of business and management to practical, real-world situations, creating a body of work and experiences that they can carry with them into the professional world.

Our ultimate goal is to empower students to become successful leaders in the arts and creative industries.

If you have questions about our undergraduate or graduate programs, please contact us today at 312-369-7652.

Philippe Ravanas - Chair | Mary Filice - Associate Chair

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