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Jessica Jacobs
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Jessica Jacobs

Jessica Jacobs - Business & Entrepreneurship Faculty - Dynasty Podcasts

Jessica Jacobs: A Painterly Artist.

When Jessica Jacobs is mentioned she brings to mind words like authentic, genuine, gifted, sincere and perspective. Sitting in her office is a huge "painterly" photograph displaying only a small portion of her talent and vision. But probably one of the most beautiful aspects of Jessica is the story of her journey.

Beginning as a film student at Northwestern, she independently taught herself graphic design and photography. Her graphic design skills earned her an internship, which led to a job, where she still stays in contact with her old bosses. It was at that point in her life when she realized that she wanted to continue pursuing her passion of photography and going on to receive her Master of Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. While her photography appears very free and creative she describes her process as analytical and planned in nature.

“After graduate school, I taught photography at St. Norbert College. While I loved teaching, I longed to be back in a metropolitan environment, surrounded by the arts. Building on skills from the beginning of my career, I returned to communications and marketing full-time, working as a Director of Marketing for a product manufacturer and then as a Marketing & Communications Manager at Northwestern University. At the same time, I opened my own graphic design studio and continued to make photographs. However, I longed to teach again. Fortunately, this position opened up that allowed me to perfectly marry my expertise in business, art and design with my passion for teaching. So here I am! As you said, throughout my career, I have embraced opportunities to explore new things and allowed my path to wander a bit. It has all led me to Columbia, and I couldn’t be happier.” (Jessica Jacobs)

Like many of us she started out one place and through a series of unlikely characters and events she landed where she is today. Ms. Jacobs is a beaming example of what it looks like to journey through art and career with perseverance, character, and the willingness to let the ride carry her from one place to the next.