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Graduate Program
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Graduate Program

Philippe Ravanas - Chair

The Business & Entrepreneurship Graduate Program

The Master of Arts Management (M.A.M.) degree offers comprehensive preparation for managerial and entrepreneurial careers in the fields of art, entertainment and media. Along with the essential study of the marketing, legal, financial, organizational, leadership and strategic concepts that accompany these fields, the curriculum allows students to choose elective management courses in live and performing arts, media, music business, visual arts and arts entrepreneurship. Students will acquire the skills needed to manage a for-profit or non-profit arts organization, or launch their own.

Application Deadline: January 15th, 2015

Graduate class spotight - Club Management: Practicum

Quotes from our alumni

“The department really prepared me for the field I'm in.
They turned my world upside down. “ - Kristen Jacobson MAM '10

“My experience at Columbia prepared me for the career I have now.
I was able to take the core curriculum from the classes and apply it to the actual work force.
The professors are all working in the fields that they are teaching. They bring those
real-world experiences to the classroom.” - Sara Levi MAM '08

“Columbia's footprint in an urban landscape makes the possibilities related to the arts field endless.”
Andrea Walsh MAM '09

“Columbia College has amazing faculty and amazing students. They helped me become who I am.”
- Jacky Schiestel MAM '04

“My time at Columbia was wonderful and has led to a rewarding career here in Australia.
I now work at the largest regional Arts Centre in Australia and the tools I procured at Columbia has held me in good stead as well as provided me with an unique international perspective. This is a testament to the quality of the classes that were delivered and the teachers that lead them.”

- Conan Dunning MAM