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Adria Dawn Tarleton

Adria Dawn Tarleton

Adria Dawn Tarleton

Adria Dawn Tarleton – Adjunct Faculty - Self-Management for Artists

Adria Dawn Tarleton is certainly a bird of many colors. As an actor, producer, and arts educator, Adria conjures up an impressive portfolio. Her career highlights include her recurring roles on Nip/Tuck, NCIS, and Felicity, just to name-drop a few. She also stars in her own web series, “Dorkumentary,” that she produces with her award-winning production company, Tarleton/Dawn Productions. But Adria’s life tour doesn’t end there. She has recently become an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College teaching “Self-Management for Artists,” a course that stands testament to her success.

What lead you to teaching at Columbia?

I tour a seminar to universities and training institutions called "Producing Your Career." It teaches up-and-coming arts professionals how to successfully navigate their careers post college.  My agent, Brooke Shoemaker, referred me to guest lecture for Justin Sinkovich's class, I think because of my tour and my work history, and that’s how I ended up teaching here. (Thanks, Brooke.)

How does your time in the classroom influence the work you do outside of the classroom?
I love to teach because I feel like it makes me raise my own personal bar. Practice what you preach. I also feel that I learn a lot from my students- being around so many talented minds is inspiring- and that absolutely carries over into professional work I do outside the classroom. Not to mention, being a character actress, I study characters...and well...I'm at an Arts college.

What should we be on the lookout for from Adria Dawn Tarleton in the future?
My production company is in post-production on an all green screen vintage steam-punk fantasy film called "The Shadow." I star in it and am a producer on it as well. Over a 100 people have been involved with this film, including lots of Columbia faculty and students helping to make this film a reality.

I have an award winning web series, Dorkumentary, which I star in as well. There are five episodes up right now. More to come.

I am starring in the independent film "Lucy" which has almost finished pickups. Other films that should be coming out this year to look out for me in are "The Drunk" and "Skokie."