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Columbia College Chicago
Ashlee Schultz

Ashlee Schultz

Ashlee Schultz

Ashlee Shultz – Business & Entrepreneurship Alumna - Music Business

Ashlee Schultz is a music business major and journalism minor from New Lenox, Illinois. As a music lover and fine arts enthusiast, Schultz was instantly drawn to the artistic atmosphere at Columbia College Chicago. Ashlee’s passion for music guided her to Columbia’s Music Business program, from where she obtained her degree in Spring of 2012.

Ashlee recently spoke with us of the many advantages of being a management student within the department.

What made you choose Columbia?
I visited Columbia during an open house with my mom and sister in 2007 while I was a senior in high school. The first presentation I went to opened with a bunch of shoeless upperclassmen dancing on stage and I was impressed. Not by the bare feet of urban college students, of course, but by the fun everyone seemed to be having in addition to the urban setting of the school. I wanted to be a part of it. Every Columbia student I talked to at the time seemed immensely passionate about his/her major. I also realized I had access to innumerable professionals that made up the faculty and I knew networking was an extremely important factor in pursuing a career in the arts. 

Has that transferred over into your experience as a student?
I love Columbia! I’ve met great people within the student and faculty communities and I feel like the experience of attending school here is completely different than some of my friends at traditional schools. I have the entire city at my disposal to advance my career and love taking advantage of the opportunities Columbia offers me. I’m managing a band and a coffee shop for grades this semester, and one of my midterm papers was on David Bowie -- how cool is that?

What are a few of your favorite courses?
I’ve greatly enjoyed the AEMMP Talent Agency class because I’m part of a management team for a Columbia student band, Idealist. The class is an extension of the Talent Management class and acts as a real talent agency inside the school. We’re working with plenty of industry professionals to work out different aspects of an artist manager’s job -- selecting a producer and executing the recording process, booking and promoting shows, scheduling photo and video shoots, developing a website and marketing the band -- and I feel like I’m getting real management experience inside the classroom.