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Columbia College Chicago
Cory Hajde

Cory Hajde

Cory Hajde - AEMM student

Cory Hajde - Business & Entrepreneurship Student - Music Business

Cory Hajde is a senior at Columbia College Chicago double majoring in Marketing and Business & Entrepreneurship with a focus in Music Business. Before even arriving at Columbia, Cory had started his own company. Now, with only a few months until graduation, Cory plans on taking his new network of contacts and everything he has learned back to Ohio to take his business to the next level.

Tell us about yourself.

I'm very involved in music and have been since I was 14 years old. I started off by booking events at Knights of Columbus halls in a suburb of Cleveland for the kids in my high school to come out and support our local music scene. I then began to get tour offers for up and coming artists like Paramore, I See Stars, Dance Gavin Dance and many others. After the "angsty," crazy and confusing high school days were over, I decided to go to Cleveland State and continue to do shows in Cleveland suburbs. They all started to plateau, so I picked up being a booking agent and manager to add to my repertoire. It worked out really well for awhile and I was hired by CI Booking (an agency for August Burns Red, Texas In July and This or the Apocalypse), which was a dream come true because I love metal. I worked with them for a year, but then ended up quitting to start my own company. During that time, I made the move to Chicago with a close friend of mine to start school at Columbia. It seemed to be the school that would help me with my concentration, expand my potential and allow me to develop a super network. I love being in Chicago, but my heart is still in Ohio. However, after 2 years of being at Columbia, developing my career to it's fullest, and staying away from the distraction of my crazy old social life back in Cleveland, I have to say it was a great move. 

Tell us about your company.

BravoArtist is a multipurpose music company with offices based out of Columbus, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois with the following three services that work hand in hand with one another:

•  Artist Management

•  Artist & Event Marketing

•  Talent Buying

The company was founded for the love of music and live entertainment. The Bravo-vision is to help build the next generation of music; one that creates an innovative atmosphere ensuring the artist is receiving the exposure they deserve, while creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the fan. BravoArtist is the bridge between the band and the fan.

BravoArtist’s mission is to develop artists’ long-term careers consistent with their creative philosophy and vision. We have an ambitious approach to opportunities, a global perspective valued by our community, and trusting relationships with our clients and partners.

Has your time at Columbia helped better prepare you to run your own company?

Yes, Columbia introduced me to many opportunities and ideas to make me a self starter. It's really great and I absolutely love the encouragement I get from the school to follow the path that I'm on. Columbia really helps me think deeply about my total career and path. I also have to say, it helps me identify problems ahead of time, instead of dealing with them as they come. I have met many people with great ideas that have helped me expand on some of my own.

How has the Business & Entrepreneurship department aided in the advancement of your career?

Jerry and Damyen have helped me expand my network and introduced me to other student self starters, such as Dick, my marketing director. Other than that, the courses I've been recommended to take have definitely helped shape my thought process in advancing my career. I am definitely nervous, but more assured that I will succeed with the help of the people who've taught me what I know.

What’s next?

My plan is to take the next step. After I graduate, I’m moving to Columbus with my business partner so we can really get things going. We have an office ready to go and we plan to be doing 5-10 events per month and probably 2 enormous events per year. I have one up my sleeve now that I think will be an amazing idea to work towards. In addition, I want to do more consistent concerts, become main talent buyers at a few of the clubs and venues we already work with and start putting together festival style concerts. Artistically, my goal is to have all of my artists chart their first week in the top 200 on Billboard. In fact, I recently had a record titled "The Campaign," by the band AFFIANCE, come out in November, which was received with great acclaim.

Any advice for new students?

My advice to new students would be to get involved anywhere and everywhere they can. Take on too much work, but always make school work a priority. Taking on too much will help expand the amount of work you can handle at once. Sure stress is there, but you have to learn to cope with it.