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ENTREPRENEUR: noun \ˌäⁿn-trə-p(r)ə-ˈnər someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.

If there is one subject that you want to learn hands-on, it’s Entrepreneurship.  Lecturer Chamille Weddington headed up an Entrepreneurship class this past fall that ended with a successful partnership with PlayChic and the Chicago Toy and Game Group.  The class gladly agreed that there is simply no better way to learn about the inner workings of starting a business than to do it yourself. 

After choosing the game industry, the students designed and developed board games that went through the entire professional production process creating a ready to be sold product.  The team developed skills in leadership, creativity, and possibly the most important skill of flexibility, learning to take each challenge as it came. 

Entrepreneurship Class - Game Design

This incredible experience took the information of starting a business right off the page and right into practical, everyday life.  It wasn’t simply a class it was real world experience.