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Columbia College Chicago
Jennifer Lee Knuth

Jennifer Lee Knuth

Jennifer Lee Knuth

Jennifer Lee Knuth – Business & Entrepreneurship Student

Spirited and enthusiastic Jennifer Lee Knuth (J.Lee) was born and raised in a small town just south of Chicago. She is currently the front woman in an energetic, top-40 pop cover band called Your Villain My Hero and a dedicated student at Columbia College Chicago interested in a wide range of art forms. “It is hard to pick my favorite art form” she says, “but if I absolutely had to, it would be music.” Above all, Jennifer believes that it is important to be passionate and driven but also find the time to enjoy herself along the way.

How did your experience in Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship department prepare you for your career?

I believe that Columbia's Business & Entrepreneurship department prepared me for my career by giving me the essential tools I need to make smart business decisions throughout my career. I came to school for management because I am an artist. I draw, paint, write, sing, design and do just about everything I can get my hands on. For that reason, I made the decision to come to school to make sure that I knew how to put all of my content out into the world without getting caught up in any legal problems. I am so fortunate to have had years of experience in the music industry while simultaneously attending Columbia. Learning about things in class and then directly applying them to my real life was great. I felt like I was in control of a constantly unstable field. That, to me, is something you cannot put a price on.  

Any advice for current students?

My advice to current students is to put effort into every assignment and project that you work on in college. People don't realize that laziness is a habit and that most of them develop it while in college. This is your life. It doesn't start tomorrow or in a few years when you graduate. If you chase after your dream career from the very beginning, it will be right there within your reach when you need it to be. You will not be handed a job right when you graduate from Columbia. You have to work hard for it and have to want it more than anyone else around you.

What are some of Columbia’s strengths?

Columbia is great at giving you the basics, the things that no one feels like taking the time to learn. It is important to remember that those things are what a lot of artists lack. By going to school to learn to self-manage or manage another artist, you have access to teachers who have years of real life experience and students who share the same interests and struggles that you have in pursuing a creative career. Adding to that, Columbia allows you to take classes that let you experience the art form you want to manage first hand.  I strongly recommend doing this. It allows you to understand and relate to your client on both a business and creative level. In turn, it will make you a great manager who is knowledgeable and approachable.