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Kim Hannay

Kim Hannay

Kim Hannay

Kim Hannay - Business & Entrepreneurship - Live and Performing Arts

How would you describe yourself in 3-5 words?

Upbeat, outgoing, motivated, passionate, and individual.

What is your particular area of interest?

Arts Management with a concentration in Live and Performing Arts, Interests (minoring) in Marketing Communications and Dance

What projects are you working on/have you done recently?

A few summers back, I had the pleasure of working for Larvetta Loftin who runs her own marketing/event planning company in the south loop, L3 Eventeurs. Throughout that summer, I really grew in my abilities to coordinate, market, and execute events. While given the opportunity to be a liaison to some of our biggest clients, such as Izze and Verizon, my ability to communicate effectively and professionally matured. This past summer, I was working under adjunct faculty Andrea Shipp, the Agency Director of Modelogic [Midwest]. Modelogic is a modeling agency that represents models ranging in all different ages. While there, I was able to work one-on-one with our talent, aiding in the daily functions of the agency, as well as organize an Open Call event seeking new talent for the agency. I also had the opportunity to assist a nationally renowned fashion photographer.

In addition to developing as a professional in the management field, I also continue to foster my artistic expression and develop my craft through dance. In my time at Columbia, I have been fearless in my selection of courses in hopes to broaden my perspective of the art form. From studying new styles such as Vogue and West African dance, it is easier to empathize with dancers from different backgrounds and different expressions as my experience in the past has mostly been in tap, ballet, jazz, pointe, etc. Through my dance education at Columbia, it has become habit to bring new material, styles, and choreography to a local studio that I have taught at in the northwest suburbs for several years. My most current endeavor is working as the Manifest Intern on the 2014 Manifest Urban Arts Festival here at Columbia College Chicago. I think with my passion and dedication to Columbia, the assistance of the experienced faculty, and the collaboration of several amazing student organizations, this is truly going to be the best Manifest yet!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Through my time at Columbia, I have been really focused on honing my craft. By being open to trying a variety of new things, applying knowledge, experience, and passion in my field, I have found what I like and don’t like. As of now, I would like to begin my career by developing and representing dancers. With my extensive dance background, I feel I have the experience and ability to assist dancers in their journey to reach full potential as performers and artists.

What inspires you?

Culture. One of my favorite things to do is travel and I have found that immersing myself in a completely new and different culture can inspire so many unique ideas and provide a great space for the creative mind. I had the utmost pleasure of traveling through China for 3 months. I was fully immersed in their world. Experiencing what they eat, what they wear, and what their traditions are. Not to mention, it was surreal touring the beautiful landscape, exploring new sights and sounds while giving myself the freedom to expand my thought process.

How have your classes helped to prepare you for your career?

I think that the Business & Entrepreneurship Department does an excellent job in creating well-rounded pre-professionals. The variety of different courses gives a great general knowledge of several topics that will be useful in the fields we are entering. By expanding into marketing and dance, I have found several other fields that interest me in addition to arts management. I’ve learned a lot through the experiences of my professors and their passion in their careers. Hearing exactly how they ‘practice what they preach’ in their day-to-day lives really adds clout to their curriculum.

What bit of wisdom or inspiration have you received in the Business & Entrepreneurship program that has guided you?

I think that being open to trying new things is the best message that has been passed on through the department. If it’s an opportunity, take it. Learn, grow, and expand your mind even if it is an area you would never have thought you had interest in. Not only will you find out what you like and don’t like, taking advantage of as many opportunities as you can expands your network of connections and your perspective on your professional trajectory.