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Michael Samm

Michael Samm

Michael Samm

Michael Samm - Business & Entrepreneurship Alumnus - Music Business

Michael Samm is a 2006 graduate from the Business & Entrepreneurship program at Columbia College Chicago. He began his career in marketing, working at highly reputable and innovative interactive event marketing firms. Over the course of his career, Michael has worked with a number of Fortune 500 clients at events across the country. Michael’s diverse resume includes professional marketing work in a variety of industries including: events and event production, entertainment and nightlife, hospitality, film, music and many more. He currently acts as the co-founder/owner of IBlameYoko.com, a music media Web site.

How did your experience in Columbia’s Business & Entrepreneurship department prepare you for your career?
My experience in Columbia's Business & Entrepreneurship department provided me with a great deal of "real world" insight into the music business and where it was headed in the future. Although the major forces in the music industry fought against the new digital business model, Columbia College tried its best to stay at the forefront for what was going to happen next in music. I graduated at the tail end of the old business model in music. There was a feeling of "run and hide" from the music industry at that time, but I chose to keep one foot in music ever since I graduated.

Any advice for current students?
Take risks, stay focused on your goal and eventually great things will happen for you, even if it’s things that you weren't expecting.

What are some of Columbia’s strengths?
Columbia's strengths are providing students with educators that are experienced in their fields and have real-world advice to give to their students. Columbia also has an amazing population of passionate and ambitious students that all work together to achieve their long-term career goals.

What is in store for your current career endeavors?
Our goal for IBlameYoko.com is for it to become one of the best news sources on the web for posting new and exclusive music reviews, concert reviews and artist interviews. This year during SXSW 2012, we produced our first day-party showcase in which a few of my fellow Columbia College Alumni participated in. Chicago indie "buzz" bands that were invited to perform at the I BLAME YOKO SXSW showcase were: Archie Powell & the Exports, Netherfriends, and Paper Thick Walls. We are now in the process of producing a day-party showcase during the NXNE music festival in Toronto this summer. We also plan on launching an I BLAME YOKO podcast show in late 2012. VISIT: www.IBLAMEYOKO.com or Follow I Blame Yoko on Twitter @iblameyokomusic