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Columbia College Chicago
Patrick Van Wagoner

Patrick Van Wagoner

Patrick Van Wagoner

Patrick Von Wagoner - Business & Entrepreneurship Alumnus - Music Business

Future December of 2012 graduate Patrick Van Wagoner’s decision to attend Columbia was fueled by the Business & Entrepreneurship department’s Music Business concentration. “I was immediately sold when I found out Columbia offers a music business concentration,” Van Wagoner stated.

Patrick entered Columbia during the second year of his higher education career after spending his freshmen year at the University of South Carolina. The combination of a location in his home state of Illinois and the opportunity to study music business solidified Columbia College Chicago as the perfect fit for Patrick, who recently shared some of his views on Columbia life with us.

Tell us about life as a student at Columbia:
I couldn’t ask for anything better. It’s still school, but I’m learning about things that I’m truly interested in, from people who have been involved in the industry. The relationships the professors build with their students at Columbia is something I’ve never before experienced at any other school.

What kind of courses are you taking?
I am a member of AEMMP Records, Columbia’s student run record label. AEMMP is a class, but it’s really more like working for a record label than actually taking a class. It’s a great way to get an idea of how day-to-day label operations are run. Aside from AEMMP, I have really enjoyed both of my music publishing courses with Ajay Gosain and Shawn Murphy. Many of the professors have worked or are still working in the industry. By proving yourself to them in the classroom, you are also proving to them that you are capable of doing good work outside of the classroom as well.

Has Columbia helped you get to where you want to be?
The great thing about Columbia for me is that I’ve gotten to see an inside view of the many different layers of the music industry, helping me figure out what I may want to do or definitely want to avoid. My time here has opened up some great opportunities that I would otherwise not have had, opportunities [that] are only going to help in planning my future.