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Per Ohrstrom

Per Ohrstrom

Per Ohstrom
Per Ohrstrom - Business & Entrepreneurship Alumnus - Music Business

In 2010, Per graduated from the Business & Entrepreneurship program with a concentration in Music Business and a focus in Talent Management. Upon graduating, Per was selected for the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) Summer Internship program in New York City.

Three years later, he now serves as Senior Agent, Client Services at HFA, leading a team of four Agents whose clients include music publishers: Sony/ATV Music Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music Publishing, and Universal Music Publishing, among thousands of others.

Per also heads HFA's International operations, coordinating licensing and collections for 27 Foreign Rights Societies in the territory of the US, while onboarding Foreign Collections claims for Domestic clients, here in the States.

How have the arts, entertainment or media been involved in your career since graduating?

The arts are my job. I work in a music industry that's rebounding from a decade of new technology and business models, evolving consumer behaviors, drastic changes in the experience of music.

How did Columbia and Business & Entrepreneurship program prepare you for your career path?

Columbia and the Business & Entrepreneurship program gave me real life experiences. I grasped these opportunities when I could, and made sure to make myself available to as many of them as possible.

I joined the Student Programming Board, Student Government Association, ReachOut!, AEMMP Records, and became an Orientation Leader.

I tried to do everything I could: arrived early for events, stayed late after meetings, cleaned up, asked questions, answered questions, responded to calls, and chimed in when asked. Really, anything I could do so that by the time I left Columbia, I'd be prepared for whatever opportunities presented themselves.

What’s your favorite Columbia memory?

The 2010 AEMMP Records SXSW Showcase. Being able to brainstorm for the event and witness all of our hard work leading up to it, come to fruition was incredible. I learned so much and that can only come from experiencing something like that.

Any advice for current students?

Make yourself available to success. Expose yourself to opportunity.

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take." (The Great One)