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Ryan Argast

Ryan Argast

Ryan Argast

Ryan Argast - Business & Entrepreneurship Student - Music Business

Describe your experience in the Music Industry.

I started a solo career, around 2010, which led to winning Disney's Idol and being signed to a Multi-Platinum, ASCAP Award Winning, Grammy Nominated, Record Producer: Fredrick "Toxic" Taylor. After the agreement expired, my backing band and I created Marina City, an Aggressive Pop Rock Sextet.  Unsigned, I took over the duties of being lead vocalist, lyricist, co-songwriter, co-producer, manager, booker, marketer, public relations representative, and social media strategist. Marina City had its debut at a sold out House of Blues show on March 31 2012. Since then the band became self-sustaining by selling thousands of Ep's, merchandise, self-booking three tours across the east coast, midwest, southeast, and playing over 100 shows in less than 2 years. In June 2012, we headlined a stage at Jackson Michigan's Rockapalooza.  We have released a music video for our single "Falling Up & Breaking Down" with Columbia Graduate Student, Anastasia Basche, as a director. We couldn't be more excited to team up with AEMMP Records on releasing our sophomore Ep this spring.

What are your goals for being in this program?

I have big dreams. I want to do a lot in life. I want to be a musician, actor, writer, songwriter, manager, record label executive, own a venue, own a restaurant, own a clothing line, and much more.

What classes have helped (or are helping) you to achieve that?

Coming to Columbia, I am able to specialize in the entertainment business. I am able to learn about all the things that are going to help me in my future. I'm learning about accounting, law, recording, managing, being an entrepreneur, and marketing myself and my art. Even the pre-requisite classes help me progress.

Are there any particular professors who have made a significant impact on you? How?

I've been fortunate enough to have some great professors like Beth Ryan, Cara Dehnert, Kent Anderson, and Jerry Brindisi.