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Faculty Resources
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Faculty Resources

Faculty Information for Cinema Art + Science

You will NOT be able to access your mailbox or the 1104 S. Wabash building after 6 pm on Saturday, May 17, 2014 due to construction. Mail will be collected over the summer and kept at the Media Production Center, 1600 S. State Street, Room 121 until 1104 re-opens in August (details will be sent when available). You may visit Room 121 at the MPC, 9-5 pm Monday-Friday, if you or your students need to pick up, drop off materials, or need in person assistance; otherwise, please phone 312-369-6700 if you have concerns or questions.

Spring 2014 Wrap: The last pay period of the semester is Thursday, May 15. Enter grades on OASIS, using the Grade Entry feature. The deadline for submission of grades is Saturday, May 24, at 11:59 pm. Faculty will receive pay for Independent Projects and Directed Study on June 13.

Teaching Assignment forms for summer and fall 2014 received the week of May 5 have been distributed. The most up to date information is available on Oasis by accessing your Faculty tab. If you have questions about your assignment, please contact your Coordinator.

Important Summer Dates

There are five pay periods during the summer: June 13, 30, July 15, 31, August 15

There are two pay periods for High School Summer Institute: July 15 and 31

Details about the SP15 Teacher Availability Form will be available in mid-August.

Teacher Availability Form
Submission of this form constitutes a request, not a guarantee, of teaching assignment. Further, since course enrollment and program needs, as well as your qualifications and evaluations, determine teaching assignments, no assignment can be considered final until student registration is completed.

Teaching Assignment Form
Note: Assignments are contingent on sufficient enrollment.  If you have been assigned a class(es), view on your Faculty Tab on Oasis. If your teaching assignment is incorrect, or if you are unsure about your rate of pay please contact Margie Barrett, Sandy Cuprisin, or Jennifer Albin.

Faculty ID Cards
If you need an ID Card, please bring your Teaching Assigment Form to the Campus Card office, located at 600 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 303, 9:00 am-4:30 pm.

Access your class list(s), room location(s), and students' e-mail; upload your syllabus/syllabi, handouts, assignments, and submit your grades all on Oasis. For assistance, please contact Client Services at 312-369-7001 or email at oasis@colum.edu. 

Guest Lectures
Coordinator approval is needed before inviting a Guest lecturer to speak in your class. Once approved, please fill out the Guest lecture form and submit it to Jennifer Albin. Guest Lecturers are paid $75.00.

Substitute Teaching
As per the PFAC Agreement under heading Illness/Personal Emergency/Professional Development Day

Any unit member may miss one (1) class per course per semester due to illness or personal emergency, or to accommodate professional development, without penalty providing that notification is given to the Department Chairperson, or his or her departmental designee, prior to the class meeting. Failure to notify according to this procedure will result in loss of compensation for that class meeting. Sick days are not cumulative; they may not be carried over to the next semester.

It is your responsibility to find a qualified substitute on CCC Payroll and to notify your Coordinator.  Please complete the Substitute Teaching Notification Form, and submit it to Jennifer Albin within two weeks of missed class.

Copy Services
Please send all large copy jobs to the Xerox Center. You must complete a Job Request Form which is available through the Xerox Job Ticket website. For any questions about Job Requests please contact the Xerox Center at 312-369-8678.

Text Book Orders
Per the Higher Education Opportunity Act, we are required to post all information (whether a book is used or not) regarding required text books by the time students can start registering for classes. The book store sets a due date for orders to ensure time to process the information. To submit your order read the Adoption template and visit the book store website.  If you have any questions about placing orders please contact Jennifer Albin.  

Undergraduate Incomplete Policy
An incomplete may only be given in rare circumstances. You must get approval from your Coordinator before assigning an 'I' or completing the paperwork.

Field Trip Form
Once approved by your Coordinator, please fill out the Field Trip Form (In-State, Out-of-State, Waiver for Minor) and turn in to Michelle Ferguson (312-369-7384)  prior to taking your students on a field trip or off campus meeting.

Union Issues
Please contact P-Fac by phone at 312-369-7485, by email at info@pfac.org or their website. DaleChapman, Chris Johannesson, and Dan Sutherland are the Cinema Art + Science representatives.

Contact Information changes/updates
Log onto IRIS and click on the My C icon to view your paystubs and change your contact information (address, telephone number, email). In addition, please let Sandy Cuprisin know via email.

Tuition Remission
You may take a class(es) in the undergraduate school equal to the number of credit hours taught to a maximum of six credits per semester in the semester earned or within one year from the time earned. IMPORTANT: If you have not completed an application through the Admissions office, you must apply before accessing, completing and submitting the remission application through HR on the IRIS site. After completing these applications, your can register during open registration. If you don't complete a class(es), you will be liable for all tuition and fees.

Equipment and Facilities Contact Information
Charlie Celander, Technical Operations Manager, 312-369-6705
Rich Jura, Repair & Maintenance, 312-369-6676
Emily Reible-Page, Production Manager, 312-369-6663
Dennis Keeling, Post Production Manager, 312-369-6768

Part Time Offices
All offices listed are located at 1104 S. Wabash
Animation, Room 401-A, 312-369-6728
Cinematography, Room 501-F, 312-369-6683
Directing, Cinema Studies, and Sound for Cinema, Room 701-Q, 312-369-6646
Post Production, Room 601-M, 312-369-6774
Screenwriting & Producing, Room 304, 312-369-6716
Foundations, Room 403

Client Services
If you have questions regarding your log on/password for Oasis, IRIS, or your colum.edu email please contact Client Services at 312-369-7001.