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Prospective Students and Parents
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Prospective Students and Parents

Film and video are more than terms for technologies; they describe our culture’s dominant modes of expression, discourse, inquiry, and entertainment. Whatever wonderful changes the future holds, people with a film and video education will lead the way.

An education in film is about living at the intersection of art, science, and commerce. Film students are encouraged to be adventurous and take creative risks while being supported by a positive and critical community dialogue. Self-discovery is at the heart of the learning process.

Because we believe meaningful learning is experiential, students acquire skills through direct experience within a context of intellectual inquiry. Working collaboratively from the outset, students not only make long lasting alliances, but they learn to work hard.

Film students are familiarized with working under pressure and understanding the necessity of deadlines. Through its multiple avenues of concentration, film study inherently provides a proficiency in creative, technical, and business writing. In any area of the filmmaking process, students achieve self-expression while functioning as members of complex, specialized production teams.

Studying film is an opportunity to acquire indispensable skills while developing and maintaining a strong personal vision.

While Columbia’s film program serves as a hub for Chicago and Illinois screencraft, the city of Chicago serves as both a resource and inspiration for the local filmmaking community.