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Student Opportunities
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Student Opportunities

Not all learning takes place in the classroom. Cinema Art + Science offer numerous opportunities for students to spread their wings from competitions to internships; from working on advanced productions to finishing their education in Los Angeles.

The department helps recent graduates find jobs and current students find internships through its Internship & Industry Relations office. Taken for credit, industry internships provide a professional production or post-productionexperience. This important career preparation helps many students land productive jobs locally and nationally.

The department maintains connections in several cities, including New York and Los Angeles including our successful Semester in L.A. Program located on the Raleigh Studios Lot in Hollywood. For those interested in a Los Angeles career, this excellent introduction includes meetings and classes with an extensive array of working professionals eager to share their knowledge and offer students practical guidance and an association with the active West Coast Alumni Association.

The Written Image Screenwriting Prize is designed to foster the development and recognition of "new screenwriters," specifically alumni of Columbia College Chicago who majored in or current students with a declared major in Cinema Art + Science - writers who are at the threshold of a professional career.

We value the making of individual films or videos that develop students' creative potential and reflect their technical abilities. To help defray the expense of advanced productions, Cinema Art + Science created a production fund. Grants from this fund are awarded on a competitive basis, so students learn grant-writing skills in making their proposals. Despite partial departmental credit, the copyright to work remains with the student.