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Undergraduate Major & Concentrations

Undergraduate Major & Concentrations

The Department offers areas of study in Cinematography, Cinema Studies, Cinema Visual Effects, Directing, Documentary, Editing, Producing, Production Design, Screenwriting, Sound for Cinema,  and Animation (Traditional or Computer). Students who choose to pursue the Cinema Art + Science major without a concentration may choose the additional 36 hours of study from across Cinema Art + Science course offerings subject to any required prerequisite courses.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago, Cinema Art + Science students are required to take 120 credit hours as follows:
  • 45 credits to fulfill the Cinema Art + Science requirements
  • 42 credits to fulfill Liberal Arts & Sciences requirements
  • 33 credits of college wide electives. These can be made up of additional film courses, additional general education courses and/or any other course offered at Columbia College.

The 45 (minimum) credits in the Cinema Art + Science are broken down as follows:
  • 9 credits of department Foundations classes.
  • 36 or more credits as follows:
  • students may take 36 hours from any available Cinema Art + Science classes for a total of 45 (+) F&V credits.

Once the student has completed the Foundations classes, he/she may design a course of study in consultation with a faculty advisor or they follow the most effective sequence of study in realizing their career goals.  This further study must amount to 36 credit hours, and for each course the student must have the appropriate prerequisites.

Degree Requirements: Cinema Art + Science Major

Areas of Study include:

Animation - Ron Fleischer & Jim Rohn, Program Directors

Sound for Cinema - Julian Grant, Coordinator

Cinematography - Adam Jones, Coordinator

Cinema StudiesZoran Samardzija, Coordinator

Directing - Tom Fraterrigo, Coordinator

Documentary - Dan Rybicky, Coordinator

Post-Production - David Tarleton, Coordinator

Producing - Kevin Cooper, Coordinator

Screenwriting - Sue Mroz, Coordinator