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Advanced Production

Advanced Production

There are numerous opportunities for students of all levels to participate in advanced productions.

Qualified advanced productions have access to the department's state-of-the art equipment and facilities in a supportive environment whose approach mirrors professional practice informed by the principles of inquiry and inclusiveness fundamental to liberal arts education.

Advanced Productions come in a variety of forms:

  • Upper Level Classes
    These are classes whose product is at least one phase of an advanced production. While the person responsible for the project is in the class, he or she almost certainy will require a substantial crew for the production phase or will be collaborating with others in the development, preproduction and post production phases of the project. Examples of these courses include: Directing III,  Advanced Editing Seminar, Audio for Visual Media III, Screenwriting III, Special Studies in Cinematography II and Animation Production Studio.
  • Independent Projects
    Students may make films and videos outside the classroom structure under the supervision of a faculty member and within the structure overseen by the the Independent Project Coordinator. Students interested in producing an independent project must demonstrate a complete plan for all phases of production including a well-developed script or proposal; a budget, schedule and time line; an assembled crew; a postproduction and completion schedule and a distribution strategy.
  • Thesis Projects
    Graduate students make substantial projects requiring a wide variety of crew and support during all phases of production.
  • The Practicum
    This undergraduate, capstone educational experience brings together a number of formal classes and crew to produce significant projects. Phases of production from development through exhibition run throughout the year. Over one hundred and fifty students are involved in these productions each academic year.

Before contacting the Advanced Production Center, please review the Advanced Production Handbook.

Advanced Projects are supported throught the Advanced Production Center and are eligible for matching funds from the Production Fund.