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Columbia College Chicago
Editing and Postproduction

Editing and Postproduction

Editing and Postproduction offers a unique opportunity for study in Cinema Art + Science of Columbia College. With a large array of courses and areas of specialization in Narrative Editing, Documentary Editing, Visual Effects, Color Correction and Sound Editing, students will benefit from a dedicated and knowledgeable staff and faculty along with an unrivaled 20,000 square foot post-production facility. 

Students studying in undergraduate post-production classes have access to the finest equipment, faculty and staff to guide them to their goals. We are determined to provide an environment that prepares students for careers in editing for picture, sound and other related post-production specializations. Our training stresses the art and aesthetics of editing, with practical hands-on experience in storytelling and technical mastery. Editors are one of the primary authors of a film. The position is akin to a writer, using images and sounds to tell a story instead of the written word.  The craft is very rhythmic and closely related to the discipline of music composition.

We use, and teach, an extensive set of industry standard software applications, including Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Nuke, After Effects, Pro Tools, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, and more.  But while students have an opportunity to learn today’s cutting edge technologies, more importantly they are being prepared for the future.  If there is anything that the last decades of technological change in the industry have shown, it is that technological changes are continual.  For filmmakers who want to succeed, it is essential that they understand the fundamentals of good storytelling as well as creative, cinematic construction.  Editing a film is about a lot more than just what buttons to push in a piece of software.  A truly effective editor needs to be flexible and confident in navigating these ever-changing waters of technology, and see technology as a tool with which to create good, entertaining stories that audiences enjoy, and not the goal itself.

Our objective is to graduate fully formed artists, not mere technicians. Our graduates are filmmakers and storytellers who have chosen to express their art through the craft of post-production. We educate the cinema professionals of the future – competent in an array of tasks, from picture editing and sound design, to compositing and color correction. With a multitude of integrated skills and well-trained, emerging talents, our graduates are ready to enter an exciting and ever changing field, prepared for success.