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Except for those who actually make a living producing features, people's perceptions about what a producer does are as varied as the approach each producer brings to the table.  Consistent with the broad spectrum of professional producing styles and interests, Columbia’s producing curriculum highlights production management, legal affairs and a fully realized array of creative producing.  A (creative) producer's role in making a movie includes obtaining the rights to the screenplay, writing treatments, pitching, working with screenwriters to “get it right,” hiring the director and cast, creative film-marketing and securing the film’s financing.

Good producers work to ensure screen productions exceed the reasonable sum of the elements from which they are crafted.  Producing students are presented with a well-rounded arch of learning from theories in producing to practical, hands-on advanced productions that model professional productions.  Facilities and resources for producing students include access to a producing lab that offers industry-standard producing software and tools, a production office and the Media Production Center, the college’s state-of-the-art soundstage.

Under the umbrella of the Producing area of study, students can further specialize in Casting Directing, Script Supervision, Production Management, and as an Assistant Director.  The Producing curriculum is the most advanced undergraduate producing program in the country and regularly recruits top industry producers to teach and guest lecture in its Chicago and L.A. classrooms (Semester in L.A).  Senior students are eligible to apply to participate in our Semester in L.A. program.