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Contract FAQ

Contract FAQ


Do part-time faculty members have any participation in College governance?

The contract says (Article VI, paragraph 3): "Four part-time faculty representatives shall be members of the Columbia College Council."

Elections to the Council take place in the Schools at times designated in the contract. Additionally, the contract provides for participation of adjunct faculty members on search committees for department Chairs, School Deans, the Provost, and the President. Stipend payments are provided for this service.

Is there a limit to workload during any semester?

In terms of teaching load, the contract says (Article VIII, paragraph 5): "No unit member shall teach more than eighteen (18) credit hours per academic year and no more than twelve (12) credit hours per semester regardless of department." Additionally, the contract specifies (paragraph 6): "Unit members may be required to attend department or College-wide in-service education and training programs and shall be compensated for required meetings at the minimum rate of $25.00 per session."

Do all part-time faculty belong to the P-fac union?

During your first semester of teaching at Columbia, you are not in the bargaining unit. When you enter your second semester on the faculty, you become unit eligible. The following categories are exempt from unit membership: Columbia College graduate students who are teaching; and any full or part-time staff member who has a teaching assignment in addition to staff employment at the College.

How do I contact the unit leadership if I have questions?

The union office is located at 600 S. Michigan, 13th floor, suite 1309B. Their office phone number is (312) 369-7485. Additionally, each department has a union representative available for your questions. Consult with your department chairperson or administrative assistant for the name of your departmental representative.

Is there a sick-leave/absence policy for part-time faculty members?

The contract says (Article VIII, paragraph 3): "Any unit member may miss one class per course per semester due to illness or personal emergency without penalty provided that notification is given to the Chairperson, or his or her departmental designee, prior to the class meeting. Failure to notify according to this procedure will result in loss of compensation for that class meeting."

Are sick days cumulative?

The contract says in the same paragraph: "Sick days are not cumulative; they may not be carried over to the next semester."

Do unit members receive the College's tuition benefit?

The contract says (Appendix III): "Part-time faculty members may receive tuition remission in the undergraduate division equal to the number of credit hour taught - to a maximum of six credit hours per semester. These credits may be used in the semester earned or within one year from the time earned. . . . No more than six (6) credits may be used by a part- timer in any one semester."

To apply for tuition remission you must fill out the Columbia College Tuition Remission Form on the HR IRIS site. You should note that withdrawal from the class before the end of the course changes the terms of the benefit. The Columbia College Chicago Faculty and Staff Benefits handbook says (Tuition Remission, page Oth 6): "If you don't complete the courses for which you received tuition remission, you will be liable for all tuition and fees for those courses subject to the College's normal withdrawal refund policy."