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Assessment Report Template
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Assessment Report Template

Optional Template

I. Title of academic program/department

II. List of student learning outcomes for your academic program

III. What evidence/data was gathered to assess the learning outcome(s)?


  • Student Portfolios in capstone course (56-4900)
  • Artist Statements from course (23-4000)
  • Pre-test & Post test from course (32-1000)

IV. How, when, and by whom was evidence gathered, and how it was it analyzed?


Fall 2011 – Collect and analyze artist/reflective statements using a faculty-developed rubric. Faculty members collect and forward artist/reflective statements to Assessment Coordinator; faculty from the departmental assessment committee assess statements using the rubric in Fall 2011.

The assessment activity results suggest the following:

65% of students scored satisfactory or better on their ability to contextualize innovative and original design while referencing benchmark graphic design history and theory as it applies to practice and product.

88% of student scored satisfactory or better on effective application of materials, techniques, technology, vocabulary/terminology of Graphic Design.

V. What discussions have faculty within the program had about these findings? What are the implications and findings of the evidence gathered?


Assessment results were shared and discussed at the December 2011 and February 2012 faculty meetings. The faculty identified and discussed the following strengths and weaknesses...

Because 35% of students had trouble contextualizing their original design while benchmarking graphic design history and theory as it applies to practice and product we discussed the following curricular changes...

Because 88% of students were able to effectively ________, we are not changing anything regarding...

VI. What changes, if any, are planned as a result of these findings?

Example: A module regarding design history and theory is being added to...

VII. Plan for future assessment - How will evidence of these student learning outcomes be gathered in the next year, and when? Who will analyze this evidence, and when will the findings be discussed?

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