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LAS Assessment
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LAS Assessment

The LAS core curriculum focuses on four rubrics: Foundations of Communication: Knowledge and Practices; Culture, Values, and Ethics; Historical Narratives and Civic Consciousness; and The Physical and Material World. The Office of Evaluation and Assessment is committed to demonstrating that our LAS courses foster learning and development within these four areas.


Culture, Values, and Ethics

Here's one question from a survey of students in Foreign Language and Culture classes in Spring 2011: Students were asked to rated how much they'd learned on a scale of 0 (Nothing) to 4 (A Lot) in the area of Cultural Awareness.

You can see that the Spanish classes focused on Cultural Awareness more than other languages, while Swahili I and Japanese III did not have as strong of a focus on Cultural Awareness.

Spring 2011 Foreign Language student survey


The Physical and Material World

Students in the Quantitative Literacy course (56-1728) were given pre- and post-tests to see whether their skills improved after taking the course.

Quantitative Literacy: Summary