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What is on the Evaluation

What is on the Evaluation

These questions were developed by the Evaluation Committee of the College Council during the 2010-11 academic year and were approved by the College Council on May 6, 2011.

Student Motivation & Interest:
1. I attended and participated in this course regularly.
2. I did the necessary work to prepare for class.

The Course:
3. Assignments and learning materials (such as homework, textbooks, etc.) contributed to my learning.
4. The total amount of material covered in this course matched my expectations.

The Instructor:
5. My work was evaluated using clearly stated criteria.
6. I received useful feedback.
7. I was treated with respect and courtesy.
8. The instructor was willing and able to provide help when asked.

Student Learning & Development:
9. The course stimulated my intellectual or artistic curiosity.
10. I took away useful tools, concepts or insights from this course.

Additional Comments:
11. Please provide evidence/examples supporting your ratings.*
12. Is there any further constructive feedback you would like to share?

Optional Course-specific Questions:
Faculty can choose up to 3 additional questions per course to add to the evaluation.  For instructions, follow this link: Add Course-specific Questions


*This was modified for clarification after we received feedback from students that they did not understand the original wording, "Please provide evidence for your ratings."