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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions






Can I add questions to the evaluation?

Yes, for each course you teach, you may choose up to 3 questions to add to the evaluation form. Click here for more information on adding questions.

Do students know where to go to complete their evaluations?

Every student enrolled in your courses receives an e-mail with directions for completing evaluations. Students are instructed to log in to OASIS, click the "My Course Evaluations" tab, and then click the link for the course they want to evaluate. Each student receives a reminder e-mail several times a week until all of their evaluations are completed.

My department provides paper evaluations. Do my students still need to do this?

This is the college-wide student evaluation system that has been online since 2007. Specific departments or courses may have their own paper evaluations that students are asked to complete; however, we request that all students complete this standard online question set for all their courses. In Fall 2012 we will be piloting a system that allows departments to add questions to the online course evaluation to avoid making students complete multiple surveys.

Can I find out which students have taken the evaluation?

To preserve the anonymity of the students responding, we do not release information about which students complete the evaluation. If you are providing some kind of incentive for students to complete evaluations, the best way to handle this is to have students show you or print out their "My Course Evaluations" screen on OASIS. It will list only courses for which they have not completed evaluations. This kind of process still allows students to opt out if they don't want to self-identify as having completed an evaluation.

Can students who never attended a single class evaluate my course?

Academic Affairs makes every effort to verify accuracy of course rosters to ensure that students are evaluating the correct courses and instructors. A list of courses and enrolled students is sent to every instructor the week before evaluations open to allow faculty to check that all courses that should be evaluated are listed. Please contact afoisy@colum.edu with any corrections to your roster or list of courses, or if you have not received such a list by the end of Week 11.

In rare cases, a student may be listed who has never attended the course. The student's name should be reported to the Office of Student Relations (x8595), who will reach out to the student to determine what happened (the student has been attending another section by accident, did not understand how to drop the course, etc.). To uphold the validity of evaluations, this student may be removed from the list of students evaluating the course, but will be reinstated if the student contests that he or she attended the course. No removals will be granted for other factors such as poor attendance, poor class participation, or poor quality of work.

How can I get a higher response rate?

Research suggests that the best way to get your students to complete evaluations is to demonstrate that you place a high value on student feedback. Discuss with your students how you have made changes in the past based on student feedback. Allow students to complete a brief mid-semester feedback form and explain how you plan to make changes based on the feedback, or allow the class to discuss contradictions in the feedback (more small-group discussion vs. less small-group discussion). Another option is to allow students time in class to complete the evaluations by reserving time in a computer lab. Some instructors also offer a small incentive (e.g., one extra credit point) for students who complete the evaluation or an incentive for the class to reach 100% response rate.

When can I see my results?

When all grades have been submitted and the grading portal is closed, you will receive an e-mail if you have evaluation results to view. The grade submission period is often extended due to grades not being submitted on time, so the sooner all grades are submitted, the sooner you can see your results.

How can I see my results?

First, make sure they've been released for the semester you're looking for (see When can I see my results?). Then click here for instructions on accessing your results.

Some of my courses are missing from my results!

There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • If you taught in multiple departments and you only see courses in one department, look for the Department drop-down menu near the top of the page. Click the menu and select "Show All."
  • The course you are looking for may be an independent study, directed study, written thesis, private music lesson, or other course designation that is not evaluated under the current student course evaluation process.
  • It is also possible that no students in your course completed the evaluation, so there are no results to view.
  • Finally, in rare cases, it may be that your name was not properly assigned to the course at the start of the evaluation period. This is why it is vital that you review your course list and rosters when they are sent to you prior to the start of the evaluation period. Once evaluations are closed, these kinds of errors cannot be corrected.
Are you looking for results from Spring 2010 or earlier? Click here for instructions on accessing your results.

I am an assistant chair, academic coordinator, faculty evaluator, or otherwise need access to evaluation results other than my own.

There are two levels of access: department administrator and course administrator. All requests for additional access must be made by the department chair to afoisy@colum.edu.

  • A department administrator has the same access as the department chair and can view the results of all courses within the department. This person will remain a department administrator until the chair requests that he or she be removed.
  • A course administrator is given access to view a specific course or courses that he or she did not teach. These requests must be made each semester.

Chairs: Please send an Excel sheet with the following columns: (1) Course Number, (2) Section Number, (3) OASIS ID of the faculty member who should have access to that course section. Include the full course number, including department code. Section numbers do not need leading zeros. See here for a template to follow.



How do I complete my evaluations?

Log in to http://oasis.colum.edu. (For problems logging in, contact Client Services at 312.369.7001.) Click the "My Course Evaluations" tab, and then click the link for the course you want to evaluate. This will take you to the survey.

Will my instructor know who did the evaluation?

After all grades are submitted and the grading portal is closed, instructors receive a link to view their evaluation results. They can only see the total number of students who selected each response and the text of the open-ended comments, but they cannot see who in their class completed the evaluation or who wrote a comment.

Will what I say affect my grade in the class?

Instructors do not gain access to their evaluation results until after their grades are submitted and the grading portal is closed. The results are completely anonymous (no information is provided of which students completed an evaluation), but even if an instructor could somehow figure out who wrote what, he or she could not make any changes to your grade.

Can I evaluate a course I dropped?

To ensure consistency in the evaluation process, only students still enrolled in a course at the end of the semester may evaluate that course. If you would like to provide feedback, you may contact the instructor directly and/or send feedback to the department chair or school dean.

Oh no, I evaluated the wrong course!

You thought you were evaluating your Art History class and it was actually your Music History class. Or you got confused about where the Strongly Agree button was and rated everything backwards. It happens. Just send an e-mail to afoisy@colum.edu and we'll manually reset your evaluation so you can retake it. And be more careful next time!

I completed my evaluation, but it's still showing up on the list and I'm still receiving reminders.

When you complete the evaluation, there are two buttons at the bottom, one allowing you to "Save" the evaluation and come back to it later, and one allowing you to "Submit" the evaluation. If you completed an evaluation but you're still getting a reminder about it, it's more than likely a case of hitting the wrong button. Re-open the evaluation and be sure to select the Submit button.

Can I wait until the semester ends to evaluate the course?

Student course evaluations are open during Weeks 12-14. The time period for evaluations evolved over several years through feedback from faculty and students. Faculty expressed the concern that students were rating a course in reaction to their satisfaction with their final grade rather than rating the quality of instruction, their own learning, and the feedback they received over the course of the semester, which is the intention of the student course evaluations. Additionally, we’ve heard from students that the end of the semester is an incredibly busy time, particularly around finals, and that they prefer to do evaluations earlier in the semester while they still have time. Research has shown that students' ratings of their courses rarely vary much from the middle of the semester through the end of the semester, so we feel confident that the evaluation period of Weeks 12-14 is the best time to allow students to evaluate their courses.


Got a question not covered here?

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