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Part-time Faculty Peer Evaluations
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Part-time Faculty Peer Evaluations

As part of the college’s evaluation of part-time faculty process outlined in Appendix IV of the CCC-P-fac 2013-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement, evaluees may choose to have a peer evaluation. The contract states that:

“Evaluees may choose to have a peer evaluation, based on a classroom observation conducted by a trained evaluator (training will be provided by the College) who is a Unit member appointed by P-fac, submitted for use as a source of information for the department evaluator. Such evaluations will be completed and returned to the Chairperson within four (4) weeks after notification to the evaluee and no later than week 10 of the semester during which the evaluation is conducted.”

To learn more about the process read the Part-time Faculty Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions