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Columbia College Chicago
Brand Identity Manual
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Brand Identity Manual


Columbia College Chicago's Brand Identity Manual has been developed to:

  • enable the college to present itself clearly and comprehensibly to multiple audiences;
  • allow the college to symbolize its character and attitudes, so that all units and programs at the college can communicate them consistently to all those who deal with the institution;
  • provide a mechanism for individual units to obtain increased benefits from their marketing expenditure by capitalizing on the frequency/consistency aspects of visual identity; and
  • provide the visual tools for the college to differentiate itself from its competitors in the marketplace.

The major Policy and Procedure elements of the Brand Identity Manual include:

  • creation of flexible design elements within a grid design system;
  • creation of logical and comprehensible schema for using the college's marks and logo;
  • enhanced ability to meet the required institutional branding objectives of publications, advertisements, and other communications vehicles; and
  • increased benefits from marketing communication expenditures by capitalizing on the consistency and frequency of appearance of the college generally. Faculty, departments, or presentation units will benefit from the activities of others through the powerful effects of repetition in communication.